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Is it worth spending more money on organic food?

This is no secret that organic food costs more than conventional food, it even goes up to double the price of conventional food. Conventional vegetables for example makes use of pesticides and fertilisers for optimum and quality yield compared to organic which uses no such input. 

 If no such inputs are being used then the cost of production decreases right, consequently the price should reflect this. But why is it that organic are still more expensive than conventional?

The answer is simple, it requires more labor-intensive effort to produce organic food and it takes longer to grow than conventional food as everything is done with proper balance of nature. Also, this is pure economics, the demand for organic food being higher than the supply, the price will obviously be high.

Let`s step into the shoes of an organic farmer for one moment. He is producing food for us using eco-friendly techniques and putting much effort into producing good quality products, doesn’t his products deserve this particular high price? Imagine a world where chemicals are destroying our environment?

If you have read the previous articles you may have noticed that organic food is really the way to go in order to maintain a good health. It is said that prevention is better than cure and that actions speak louder than words; so guys do something about it! 

 What happens when you get sick and you go to the doctor; you have to pay to be treated and sometimes the cost is insane. You would be paying that extra cost for organic food but the risk of falling ill decreases significantly, thus less money goes to the doctor ! It is time to realise that the extra money on organic food will affect your spendings on maintaining good health positively.

Again it is up to you guys to make a decision and hopefully you will choose wisely.

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