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St Julien Village
41902 Mauritius


Did you know?

Did you know that eating chemical-free vegetables and fruits reduces the risk of Cancer by 25%?

Did you know that the fish you eat contains plastic in the form of nano-particles invisible to the naked eye?

Our mission is to provide the citizens of Mauritius with chemical-free vegetables and plastic-free fish grown in Aquaponics. We operate a Commercial Aquaponics Farm in the East of Mauritius.

We want to encourage Families grow their own food. We understand that life often gets very hectic, with daily routines and that you may not have time for gardening or that you do not possess the physical ability to do so. Aquaponics requires as little as 10 minutes per day with no major physical efforts. While using Aquaponics to grow your own food, you will be able to connect with Nature. Connecting with Nature heals the body and mind.

We understand that we cannot provide pure food to every citizens of Mauritius which is why we want to empower other Mauritian Entrepreneurs via our advanced training for Aquaponics. Eventually, they will make use of this amazing Agri-tech and participate in making Mauritius a better and healthier place to live in.

The trainer for the 4-Days Masterclass Aquaponics Course is an Aquaponics Expert who studied Aquaponics in Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America. We guarantee an abundance of knowledge both in the field of Aquaponics and Entrepreneurship along with lifetime support and assistance for any project of yours related to Aquaponics.

Feel free to contact us on +23059485042 or via email: info@aquaponicsmauritius.com or via our Facebook page.

Prevention is better than cure, eat pure!

This is a trial website, please visit our Facebook page for daily information & updates.  The website will be under maintenance soon and our official website will is up and running in not time!

Facebook page: fb.me/aquaponicsmauritius

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