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St Julien Village
41902 Mauritius


About Us

Company Information

EcOrganic Co. LTD is engaged into Aquaponics.  We are the pioneer of Aquaponics in Mauritius.  Aquaponics is an innovative Agro-tech that combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to grow both fish and plants together in an eco-system. 

  • We are experts in Aquaponics. 

  •  We operate a Commercial Farm in the East of Mauritius and sells our fish and vegetables directly to individuals, specially to Cancer patients at a discount. 
  • We also design and build customised Aquaponics System both for domestic and commercial purposes. 
  • We also offer a 4-Days Masterclass Aquaponics Course, which is an advanced training and is reserved for Entrepreneurs around the world, who want to have a career in Aquaponics Business.



Our Mission ...

Our mission is to provide the citizens of Mauritius with chemical-free vegetables and plastic-free fish grown in Aquaponics. We operate a Commercial Aquaponics Farm in the East of Mauritius.


Aquaponics Catalogue

Feel free to contact us on +23059485042 or via email: info@aquaponicsmauritius.com or via our Facebook page.

Prevention is better than cure, eat pure!


EcOrganic Co. LTD has been incorporated in January 2017, founded by Mr. Muktish Narain in partnership with Mr. Dushyant Kushal Tag.  Mr. Muktish Narain is a young Entrepreneur and an Aquaponics Expert, who studied Entrepreneurship in Mauritius and Aquaponics in Australia, UK and USA during the year 2013 – 2016.  

We started selling our products and service in 2018.



Mr Muktish Narain

Director, Trainer

Mr Dushyant Kushal Tag

Constructions Manager

Mr Naadir Shah

Greenhouse Manager

Mrs Marie Antonio

Legal Consultant

Mrs Axcelle Henry Bibi

Events & Model Manager

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