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St Julien Village
41902 Mauritius


Free Delivery

Home Delivery Services

We sell our aquaponics veggies on site and we also provide FREE home delivery services to subscribed clients.  We deliver during the weekends when everybody is home, within different time frames for different regions across Mauritius.  Subscribed clients receive our aquaponics veggies weekly.  Storing vegetable in the refrigerator causes vegetable to lose their freshness, taste and quality.  We also provide subscribed customers with a special bag for the storage of leafy vegetables that will maintain the crisp nature of our aquaponics leafy greens.

How to subscribe?

Send us an email or simply call.  We need your name, address and contact number.  

Please note that we also need to know the amount of different vegetables you need weekly and PAYMENT IS DONE IN ADVANCE . We accept bank transfer and cash, which we will collect from you. 

For example, a family of four who consumes 3 lettuces and 1 lb of tomatoes weekly will receive delivery of 3 lettuces and 1 lb of tomatoes weekly.

Please visit the ‘Store’ page for more information.

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